About Us

We started this website because I love cricket. If you’re anything like us you love to play and watch cricket.

CricHunter was created with one simple goal. We wanted to build a top resource for anglers everywhere. Along the way, we’ve been thrilled to be able to turn our passion for angling into a website that serves sports anglers by providing the latest news, updates, and cricket stories.

My goal is to create helpful & engaging content for anglers of all backgrounds, from beginners to experts, bass to bluegill, and everything in between.

The main purpose of Crichunter is to update the cricket world. CricHunter users find the latest updates like – the T20 World Cup, Indian Premier League, Fantasy Cricket, Viral Cricket News, and more. So, please visit this site for the latest cricket updates.

Our Mission

CricHunter is completely dedicated to providing fishing tips, guides, and reviews. We have compiled all of the best fishing information available to create a complete fishing guide on numerous different species.

Our goal is to educate our readers so that they can go out and have a great day on the water. Our tips are directed toward both beginners and advanced anglers. We work diligently to keep our information up to date by checking various cricket resources as well as contacting local anglers.

When you walk into a pro shop and see everyone looking at gear as if they’ve been doing this every day for 20 years, it’s intimidating. It’s hard to go up and ask someone for a recommendation or advice. We want to take away this fear and intimidation and help people get into the sport.

We Don’t

Things you will NEVER find on CricHunter.

Take sponsorship fees

Many brands are ready to pay us good money to be featured higher on our pages but always refuse these offers. We feel it’s our editorial responsibility to feature the best product for you because we love dogs more than money.

Post anything without thorough research

All our articles went through a thorough research process, and we don’t make recommendations lightly. So if you read it on our site, you can be sure it’s gone through all the points above, and you can trust the advice.

Go against veterinary & state agencies’ advice

It is trendy these days to be defiant against health organizations or medical professionals, and WE DON’T DO THAT. If a vet tells us he wouldn’t feed a given food to a dog, it won’t be on our site, regardless of our personal opinions or beliefs.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address below. We’re always happy to help!

Thank you for choosing Crichunter. We hope you find our website helpful and informative as you pursue your career goals.